GuestSmiles - A Property Management Marketplace with a Purpose

Make no mistake, the GuestSmiles Marketplace is not just another Online Travel Agency (OTA) like VRBO,, or Airbnb. Of course our website,, will generate some booking results. But most of your new reservations will be generated through our Vertical Partners. 

In an effective twist to the old-school OTA way, we leverage our Vertical Partner’s impressive online traffic and loyal, existing client base to reach exciting new prospects to book your properties. 

Our Vertical Partners may be national or regional in scope, but our focus is the long reach of the internet—  and companies our clients want to work with but can’t due to technology restrictions. At GuestSmiles, we remove all the technical challenges and roadblocks to enable our clients to work with valuable local businesses, such as wineries, activity providers, or their chamber of commerce for example.

The relationship between you and your guest is what we value most.  With each reservation booked:

  • Your rental agreement is the documentation utilized by the guest
  • Your rental, deposit, and cancellation policies apply
  • You are the merchant of record with control and collection of all guest payments
  • All communication is direct between you and your guest

If you are a subscription-based client, there is no GuestSmiles commission, of course. If you are a commission-based client, GuestSmiles earns 9% of the Rental Amount only. GuestSmiles takes care of the payment to all Vertical Partners, without any additional cost to you.

GuestSmiles has already aligned with an impressive roster of vertical partners— including HomeToGo national in scope, FloridaTravel for all of Florida, My Golf Vacations with 38 locations, Prevost Community specialized demographic and soon to launch Lakota Guides experiential activities in Vail and Edwards, CO.

A Premier Referral Program

While always striving to foster an expanding, open and supportive community, we’re proud to introduce our GuestSmiles Referral Program. You’ll now be able to help us grow!

There is no cost or commitment. To join, simply fill out this form, and you’ll be provided a custom link to share with others on your social media, in your emails and on your website. 

Once a new client signs up with GuestSmiles, you receive a 5% commission on the reservations generated or 10% of the monthly/annual subscription received by GuestSmiles. These continue for the life of the client in our program.

We know GuestSmiles helps make your guests smile, so we’re confident our referral program will do the same for you.

For more information on our GuestSmile Marketplace or our Referral Program, feel free to reach out and contact us anytime.